Information Design Services

GhostDraft’s information design services combine a fresh, innovative approach to design, content, clarity, and tone. The GhostDraft team will dive into a deep understanding of your customer communication compliance requirements and will bring you the benefits of an industry-leading communications management platform.

Information Design Services include:

  • Review and assess: evaluation of your customer communications
  • Discovery discussions: conversations with those in your organization who manage your correspondence to assess your current document process
  • Draft model communications: demonstrate how to benefit from best practices
  • Document design templates: these are provided so you can redesign other forms and letters
  • Plain language writing tips: use to rewrite all of your documents

The GhostDraft difference: GhostDraft's information and document design services will help you create personalized communications that are relevant and appealing, written in plain language, with a clear call to action – all driven by rule-based templates that ensure communication compliance.

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