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A premier international law firm utilizes GhostDraft's document automation technology to maximize efficiencies and standardize processes.
When it comes to document generation, numerous insurers suffer from a case of “Word gone wild.” Microsoft Word, a powerful document and word processing tool, can be an inefficient bottleneck in the...
GhostDraft’s business-driven and IT-endorsed approach to customer communications management, the evolution of our technology, and the key elements of our offering.
GhostDraft’s authoring software allows a business user with no programming background or database knowledge to create document templates using plain-language rules.
There has been recent growth in claims for administrative dismissal. In fact, civil litigation accounts for 34% more malpractice claims than any other area of law. Read our latest infographic to...
Creating an Interactive Document Using GhostDraft Prologue
Learn to love your documents.
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