GhostDraft Tops Novarica ACE Rankings

Toronto, Canada - February 27, 2014 - 
Novarica, a leading analyst covering the financial services and insurance industries, has released the latest Average Customer Experience (ACE) Rankings for Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems, and GhostDraft received the highest overall score.

Novarica Average Customer Experience (ACE) Rankings are based on an online survey of senior technology and operational executives at insurer clients who have direct experience with the vendor’s product and organization. Customers rate each vendor in four key areas – staff, organization, product functionality, and technology – in addition to overall customer satisfaction. GhostDraft ranked number one or two in all categories, with GhostDraft staff achieving a perfect score.

Novarica ACE Rankings are produced independently and are not sponsored by the vendor. They are intended to provide an objective measurement of customer satisfaction levels, to be used to guide insurers’ own due diligence processes when evaluating potential solution providers. A summary of the Novarica ACE Rankings can also be found in the Novarica Market Navigator Report on US Document Creation/CCM Systems.

About GhostDraft

GhostDraft provides enterprise-class cloud-based document creation and management for insurance, financial services and the legal profession. With over 30 years of experience in complex regulated documents, and deep domain expertise in these industries, GhostDraft helps companies deliver customer communications without compromise, combining affordability, compliance, and a personalized customer experience.

About Novarica

Novarica provides information, insights, and perspective on markets, operations, and technology to financial services and insurance executives and project teams. The company delivers its service through published research, retained advisory services, and project-based consulting. Novarica’s research includes market and trend analyses, best practices research, case studies, and independent analyses of insurance software vendors. Novarica draws its knowledge from the personal experience of its principals, the ongoing information gathering initiatives of dedicated research staff, and regular communication with insurer executives through informal networks and through the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council. More information is available online at

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