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Before the holidays, I wrote about Gen Y and how insurers can build a customer experience that helps attract and retain this coveted segment of the market. This week, I’d like to drill down on a...
January 11, 2013
Last week I was speaking with a well-respected insurance industry consultant, and I asked what topics she considered hot among IT and business executives. Without hesitation she listed IT...
December 20, 2012
I just got the latest issue of Insurance Networking News (INN), with its bold prediction of the “Top 5 Trends for 2013”. One of them, in particular, caught my eye because it’s a topic I’ve been...
December 12, 2012
If you’ve been anywhere near technology lately, you can’t escape hearing about the cloud. The potential cost benefits alone can provide some compelling arguments for IT budgets stretched to the max...
December 05, 2012
In my last post I talked about how Hurricane Sandy tested the disaster recovery plans of many businesses. Now that everyone is up and running, Sandy is presenting another test to insurers – the...
November 28, 2012
Hurricane Sandy was a rude wake-up call for many businesses in the Northeast, but Sandy’s impact should have come as no surprise. Catastrophes natural and man-made, from 9/11 to Katrina, have...
November 15, 2012
Just a couple of years ago, if you were to judge the insurance industry by its television ads, you would have thought price was all that mattered, and that insurance had become just another...
November 01, 2012
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