Personalize Every Interaction to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

October 03, 2017
This is the first post in our series on how insurers can create a great digital customer experience. Read the introduction here.

Understanding who your customers are and personalizing every interaction is critical. Experiences in other industries, such as retail and banking, are driving insurance customers to expect the same level of personal service one might expect in a face-to-face or online retail interaction. Amazon’s wish list is a perfect example. Not only does Amazon always address customers by name, but the company utilizes the data collected on each customer strategically to create and provide an environment completely customized to that individual customer.    
Many companies are looking to Amazon as a model to personalize their digital communications. Your customers have options when it comes to insurance products. Personalized interactions and correspondence can set your business apart from the competition. Research has shown that many consumers are willing to pay more if they have a positive customer experience during and after a purchase.
Customers expect clear, relevant, and actionable communications and they expect to engage and interact with on any device and mediums – laptops, tablets, mobile phones through email, text, live chat and the list continues to grow. Customers expect the companies they choose to be easy to do business with. Customer communication management solutions provide personalized communications through multiple channels so you can engage and interact with your customers through their preferred channel – giving them confidence that you know who they are and you understand their needs. 
It is also important to deliver a personalized customer experience throughout the entire duration of your relationship with your customers. Customer communication management solutions enable you to deliver the personalized customer experience your customers expect in today’s digital world across the insurance value chain so you can nurture a long-standing relationship with your customer through every interaction.
In our next blog, we will further discuss the importance of delivering clear and relevant communications to your customers with the information they want, when they want it.
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