Celebrating 20 Years!

March 30, 2016
Joanne-Irvine-Smith-(1).jpgRecruited fresh out of university, I was the quintessential doe-eyed developer, very excited to be starting out in a newly-formed 2-man software development team that Compustat had ventured to set up in the midst of their hardware and support business … my shiny career in software development lay out ahead of me.

Had you said I would still be working within the Group 20 years later I probably would have laughed hysterically. Yet here I am, 20 years on… so why? I suppose my “recipe for longevity” perhaps goes something like this:
  1. 1 part Variety and Challenge – Technology itself always keeps us on our toes but the innovation, company growth and change, variety of projects, new geography and a non-complacent business that’s never stood still, all result in a company that’s challenged and grown me, fulfilled my interests and worked my strengths.
  2. 1 part Environment and Lifestyle – arguably the most beautiful city in the world, world-class office space and equipment, a (most-times) healthy work-life balance and even a day-care facility started for my first child enable me to have a home away from home.
  3. 2 parts People – to work with some of the brightest, most humble, warm and yet completely driven people in the industry is certainly the clincher!
Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working on and steering a number of teams and products, almost too numerous to mention. I’ve moved through the company’s transition from Compustat to Datasoft, to Korbitec, Property24 and ultimately back into the Korbicom fold, to take up a home-coming of sorts in the GhostDraft business with document automation having woven a thread throughout my career and perhaps a little bit of an obsessive passion.

What more could a person ask for?!

"Working with Joanne over the past 20 years has been more than just educational and super-productive", said Mark Todes, Founder & COO." It has also been wonderful fun! We’ve had adventures all over the world with a broad range of customers and different products. Jo approaches each new project with a smile and enthusiasm that are infectious. 
We all love her dearly."


Author of Resource

Joanne Irvine-Smith

Vice President of Product Development

Joanne has spent the past 20 years in the software field writing, designing, leading and managing software products across a broad spectrum of technologies and industries. She has a graduate degree in computer science and her experience has spanned the Legal, Property, Insurance, Finance and Banking industries. Joanne has worked on bespoke customer projects, internal-use systems, and off-the-shelf Learn more...
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