Supporting the Omni-Channel to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

January 03, 2018
This is the third blog post in our series on how insurers can create a great digital customer experience. Read the introduction here.
With the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT), customers want access to information anytime, anywhere, from any device. Some customers may prefer email while others prefer text updates.  Today’s consumers are used to clear, relevant and actionable communications like the ones they receive from Amazon; their expectations are high.

Even though some insurers support multi-channel communication, this should not be confused with omni-channel support. The diagram below illustrates the key difference – multi-channel allows a customer to receive communication via one channel like mail, mobile, desktop, whereas omni-channel allows a customer to receive communications from more than one channel. 

For example, a customer may want to receive a policy statement via mail but use email or text to check the status of a claim. Customers are no longer willing to be bound to one channel – especially if the one the use one they have not chosen for themselves.
Effectively delivering customer interactions through any communication channel is a key component in providing excellent customer experience and a top focus among leading insurers. In fact, 49 percent of leading companies are investing in digital more than their counterparts do, according to a McKinsey report.
It’s also important for omni-channel communications to provide a seamless and consistent customer journey. Take the claims process for example. Sending updates and information consistently across all channels ensures that customers do not have to search for information or re-start inquiries, making the process quick and efficient. 

Successfully communicating with your customers through their preferred channel improves both customer engagement and customer loyalty. Insurance customers who have a positive experience are more likely to stay, buy additional products, and recommend a company to friends and family.

In our next blog, we will discuss the importance of moving from customer touchpoints to customer journeys to create a better digital customer experience. In the meantime, read post one and post two.
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