Do your documents suffer from a case of “Word gone wild?”

January 05, 2015
Rogue software and unauthorized business processes are commonplace for insurers. According to a survey from ComputerWorld, 90% of IT professionals said there are computer projects in their companies that don’t involve the IT department. 86% said software is installed in their companies without the authorization or support of the IT department.

Along with the abundant rogue software applications in place, many insurers use authorized software applications for a purpose other than what it was intended for. Business users have been known to adapt software applications they are comfortable with because:
  • They need a solution now and IT is viewed as a bottleneck with years of projects already in the backlog.
  • There is no incremental cost, the use of the software is “free”
  • They are looking for temporary or quick/easy systems that they see as low-risk
  • They don't see the IT implications of what appear to be non-IT projects

Whatever the reason, rogue or adapted software applications have unintended consequences. Budgets, schedules, business operations, client satisfaction, the customer experience, and sales can all suffer.


When it comes to document generation, numerous insurers suffer from a case of “Word gone wild.” Business users have created hundreds or thousands of Microsoft Word templates, creating a compliance and quality nightmare for customer communications. Time is wasted looking for a specific template that replicates the exact scenario of the required communication, or time is wasted copying and pasting paragraphs from different templates to create a new document altogether. In these circumstances, the customer communication is at risk for errors, and branding and consistency is in jeopardy. Microsoft Word, a powerful document and word processing tool, has now become an inefficient bottleneck in the business operations, and is being used in a way that it was never intended.

Isn’t it time for a document generation solution that is better, more efficient, yet affordable? Isn’t it time to not just tolerate your “Word gone wild” existence, but to love your documents?

GhostDraft is an innovative, cost-effective Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution. GhostDraft is different from traditional customer communications software:
  • Ghostdraft is approved by IT while freeing IT resources. GhostDraft empowers your business users to create and deliver customer communications from quotes and policies to bills and claims correspondence fast and easily.
  • GhostDraft is an affordable monthly subscription solution that is less than half the cost of most traditional CCM Software.
  • Ghostdraft addresses the most critical needs and desires of your customers, effectively build lasting client relationships, and providing the best customer experience.

Give us a call at 855-776-2016 or click here and we will contact you to discover why GhostDraft software is the best way to create and deliver personalized, compliant, and affordable customer communications. With GhostDraft’s CCM solution, you won’t have to tolerate your “Word gone wild” libraries any longer. With GhostDraft, you will love your documents.

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