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GhostDraft’s business-driven and IT-endorsed approach to customer communications management, the evolution of our technology, and the key elements of our offering.
GhostDraft’s authoring software allows a business user with no programming background or database knowledge to create document templates using plain-language rules.
There has been recent growth in claims for administrative dismissal. In fact, civil litigation accounts for 34% more malpractice claims than any other area of law. Read our latest infographic to...
Creating an Interactive Document Using GhostDraft Prologue
Learn to love your documents.
GhostDraft Prologue Overview
A couple weeks ago Jeff Goldberg from Novarica presented at the IDMI User Group Conference and spoke of how insurers need to transform their IT strategy to better align with their business goals...
When you create a legal document, do you miss your bottle of White-Out? Are you nostalgic for the days when edits forced you to retype the whole thing into the Type-Writer? Not likely. Let's...
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