Prologue provides greater and simpler document control to business users through the use of simple and intuitive web forms:
  • Deliver documents directly to users via a browser application
  • Reduce time spent collecting customer info
  • Maintain control over content and branding, ensuring compliance

With Prologue there is no heavy IT-involvement or custom front-end development and it is provided at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Common applications of Prologue:

  • Policy issuance (for insurers) - utilize web forms with your customer rating information, policy forms, and assembly process to automate policy issuance
    • Quickly deliver policy issuance capabilities directly to agents and underwriters
    • Zero to light-weight integration to your rating, agency management system, or policy admin system
  • Contract management (for law firms) – utilize web forms to automate contract composition

Watch our video below to learn more about how you can easily produce and distribute effective documents with Prologue.


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