Create, deliver, and manage your document composition through a business-driven, IT-endorsed process. GhostDraft’s customer communications management (CCM) software provides efficiencies to your core business systems and processes – giving you the tools to personalize communications that improve the customer experience.

The GhostDraft Product Suite includes:

  • GhostDraft Prologue: a browser-based application to quickly deliver document production capabilities directly to end-users through the use of smart web forms. Learn more…
  • GhostDraft Studio: an authoring environment that gives business users control of your documents to deliver customized communications and a better customer experience. Learn more…
  • GhostDraft Data Workbench: an application to convert IT-centric data into business-usable customer information, enabling IT to transition ownership of document creation to the business users. Learn more …
  • GhostDraft Cloud: automates the production of your communications through a cloud-based service with the highest levels of security, availability, and security. Learn more …

Our Pricing. Our cloud-based solution provides an enterprise-class customer communications solution for faster document creation and better document control—without any of the overhead. Our pricing is affordable and scalable for insurers of all sizes. 

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