Financial Services

Investment professionals who consistently correspond to clients with transparent and relevant communications, especially in a dramatic up or down market, are more likely to have those clients for life.

GhostDraft makes it simple to deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel for each and every client. With GhostDraft, you can attract and retain investors with communications that build trust and confidence in your expertise.

GhostDraft’s key benefits include:

  • More satisfied clients: customized and transparent account and transaction correspondence
  • Faster correspondence creation: trim time and steps, from your client communications
  • Easier document turnaround: add new clients with ease since your communications will be free of IT dependence
  • Simpler client onboarding: correspondence tailored to each client's situation
  • Compliance: consistent, approved text and detailed audit trails
  • Unburdened IT: through database-independent template creation and management

With GhostDraft, you can create and deliver clear, relevant, and actionable communications to lower costs, assure compliance, and create a great customer experience.

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