Leverage technology to easily and efficiently draft your firm's legal documents. GhostDraft enhances the ability of law firms to generate legal documents—including standard client correspondence, complex wills, court documents, trusts, private placement agreements, and contracts. Lawyers, clerks and assistants can create templates for these legal documents, without the need for IT resources.

GhostDraft can dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate documents and improve their quality by reducing the likelihood of error. Our cloud-based system makes it simple and cost-effective to create and deliver legal documents with accuracy and consistency.

GhostDraft’s key features include:

  • Efficient: streamlined processes for document development, production and delivery in an intuitive user interface
  • Secure and confidential: multi-level protection of your system and data
  • Trackable: detailed audit trails and indexed storage and retrieval
  • Faster document creation: time is not wasted on production with document creation managed by legal assistants, law clerks, or attorneys
  • Compliant and consistent content: standardized formatting, vetted text, and approved branding
  • Core system integrations: integrated with your core systems and processes, documents can easily be generated, free of IT dependence

Want to see how GhostDraft's time saving approach can produce real cost benefits for your law firm? GhostDraft will help your law firm reduce costs, save time, and provide an unbeatable client experience.

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