Kurt Jackson

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Kurt is a proven and accomplished sales leader with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Prior to joining GhostDraft, Kurt was Managing Director of Global OnDemand for Pitney Bowes Business Insight, where he launched their new cloud business. As Vice President of Sales for the Insurance Practice, Kurt created the company’s first industry-focused business unit, expanding Learn more...

Author's Resources

Understanding who your customers are and personalizing every interaction is critical to creating a great digital customer experience.
Digital customer experience is the new competitive playing field. Here are five ways insurers can create a great digital experience.
Sunlight Solutions Partners with GhostDraft to Deliver User-Driven Document and Form Creation to Insurers
The partnership comes as a result of increased demand from GhostDraft’s customers for comprehensive post composition capabilities. Compart complements GhostDraft’s document generation solution by...
Delphi Technology Partners with GhostDraft to Deliver User-Driven Document and Form Creation to Property and Casualty Insurers. Partnership delivers a comprehensive, powerful customer...
GhostDraft’s business-driven and IT-endorsed approach to customer communications management, the evolution of our technology, and the key elements of our offering.
GhostDraft’s authoring software allows a business user with no programming background or database knowledge to create document templates using plain-language rules.
When you create a legal document, do you miss your bottle of White-Out? Are you nostalgic for the days when edits forced you to retype the whole thing into the Type-Writer? Not likely. Let's...
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